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        Reasons to Buy Original Art

#1 Art has Positive Environmental Effects – Not only do original works of art enrich your living environment on a daily basis, they are also eco-friendly – looking at art has a zero-carbon footprint!

#2 Original art inspires you to look at the world from new perspectives – Don’t worry if it doesn’t match your couch – Buy what you like!

#3 Buying original art locally supports the creative process in communities around you, improving the quality of life for all of us.

#4 Personal Expression – Buying something handcrafted is always more interesting than something mass produced – you are the only one to own it and it reflects your individual personality. Be your own curator!

#5 Art is a Conversation Starter – it’s always interesting to hear how others interpret a work of art you’ve purchased!

#6 Original art makes the best kind of gift – what else could only you give!

#7 Art has Transformative Powers – Not only does a one-of-a-kind piece transform any room into a much more livable environment, it’s good for you! Really, art can make you happy! Coming Soon – Posts on How Art Makes You Happy!