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Karen Erickson

My paintings range from inks, to watercolors and mixed media to very large acrylics all themed as impressions of things I’ve experienced or believe in.” 

Karen’s work is her personal expression of life, painted in a style of quick, loose lines and colors showing unusual detail without looking contrived.  She likes to paint multiple paintings formed around a theme. 

Karen is a retired public school educator and lifelong painter who creates work in a variety of styles that celebrate the beauty in everyday life experiences. She has a BS in Elementary Education from Iowa State, an MS in Administrative Leadership from UWM and an EdD from Columbia University, Teacher’s College, NYC.

Karen has shown at MOWA and Gallery Night in Milwaukee’s Third Ward.

After The Rain, Tulips

Watercolor on paper

Lake Sunrise

Acrylic on canvas

19 x 25"

Cedar Grove Beach

Acrylic on canvas

Lake Michigan

Acrylic on canvas

16 x 20"


Birch Trees

Acrylic on canvas

12 x 12"