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Tim Fonk

​”In my work, I use wood milled from our property and purchased hardwoods as my media.  Following my instincts and impulses, I blend organic and mechanical shapes into my constructed sculptures, working back and forth from drawing to sculpture, and sculpture to drawing, and using paint and pencil to highlight and define the avian shapes.”

Tim Fonk resides in Wisconsin and is a graduate of the Layton School of Art, Milwaukee.

Avian Accent Table

Wood with acrylic paint

45"L x 34"H x 21"W

Avian Connection #3

Wood, acrylic on steel base

47 x 18 x 11"

Avian Studies 1

Pencil and paint on paper

19 x 24"

Avian Connection #1

Wood, acrylic with steel base

33.5 x 19 x 5"


Fiction #1

Wood, acrylic on steel base

29 x 16 x 4"